Min leew eilun Feer.

Freedom Föhr.

Föhr is a poem*. From your first step on the island, you will understand the longing amongst Föhr's emigrants for their old home. The "Frisian Caribbean" is also home to a host of charming opposites: Tranquillity and vitality. Wilderness and well-kept front gardens. Traditional flair and modern art. It's all easy-going here. Everyone's relaxed. Everyone enjoys this unique freedom surrounded by the sea. A place you'll want to stay in. Like me.

Active holiday


Moving around and experiencing the island is easy on Föhr. Want water? Here it is. For swimming, surfing, kite surfing, or sailing. Or just splashing around. Want countryside? Here it is. On the golf course. On foot, by bike, e-bike, or on horseback. Stroll or walk, cruise, or sprint, trot or gallop. You set your own pace.

Experiencing nature


The Wadden Sea National Park surrounds you. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009. Seagrass beds, endless beaches and two hundred hectares of forest shape the island that has become a retreat for many bird species. Discover the "Small Five", the "Big Five", and the "Flying Five" – you'll be surprised at what's behind it all.

Be well

The Föhr Effect.

Free your mind and kick-start your senses with each breath you take. Föhr will make you healthy and fit. With its bracing weather and lots of sunshine. And great wellness services. From Thalasso to aroma massage, from waterfall showers to climate walking. From taking breath to letting it out.



Culture and history follow you every step you take. From the golden age with amber and whaling to mass emigration in the mid-nineteenth century. From the tribulations of the Middle Ages to the tributes of moving art. Go and see impressive island churches, museums, and a variety of exhibitions. Dive into the fascinating world in the midst of the Wadden Sea.