Waastwinj is the West Wind.

But i'm so much more than that.

I'm your eager anticipation before a trip across the Wadden Sea. The salty breeze from the sea, the cry of seagulls, the ebb and flow of the waves. Your holiday begins the moment you step on board. Westward. Into a new world, a new era without hustle and bustle, but plenty of space for you and your thoughts.

I’m what you need.

A place of rest and relaxation. A place to charge your batteries. Healthy air all around you. Take a deep breath and let go. Carpe diem. No appointments, no deadlines, no stress. I'm nature itself, and I will surprise you with new perspectives on life. With wide-open spaces like you've never seen. Charge up on freedom and strength with every gust that blows your way from across the sea. Free your mind. For the really important things in life. I am your holiday.

Fair. Pure. Good. Sustainable.

I'm your holiday without the fuss. But I'm sustainable and fair. In harmony with nature, the environment and climate. I save valuable resources. I proudly wear my Viabono certification. I respect my team and support the Wadden Sea National Park. I want to see my island stay the way it is for a long time yet – authentic. Simply Föhr.

Warm. Friendly. and Friesian.

These two make up the most important part of what I am: Ellin and Roluf Hennig. They called me to life. They lead me. Both born on Föhr. And still in love with the island. Perfect hosts for more than thirty years. Together with their team of twelve, they will take care of you and your holiday. Making sure you feel at home. Leaving you with fond memories of me. So we'll see you again.